Exterior painting guide for 2021

When it comes to painting the exterior of your house, many tend to get overwhelmed with whats and whatnots. The confusion and bewilderment that settles in after taking a look at all the exterior painting trendy colors, different exterior painting services, and the many costs and benefits of getting your walls painted. Some even give up, forgo all research, and find the nearest paint shop to buy some random tools and get the job done by themselves!

If you do not want the same fate to befall you, you should first learn exactly what it is you are looking for:

Exterior painting

Exterior painting and all that comes with it

To get started, let us take a look at how painting the exterior walls of your company or your apartment happens. What are the steps you must take to choose the best color and paint type for your walls? Is there a source you can look into for help? You can find all that you need to consider and take into account before calling up your nearest painting company here!

Step 1: getting familiar with the process.

To hire a decent painter and decorator for your house or office, you first need to learn what actually happens before the painting job is done!

Exterior painting

Step 2: where exactly should your exterior painting cover?

Are you just looking for a paint job for your exterior walls and doors, or do you also want to freshen your fence, your garage door, and maybe the driveway as well? Before picking up the telephone and calling up your chosen painting company, know what you are going to have to expect from them. If it makes it easier for you, try making a list of all you want to add to your contract, if it is not already there.

Step 2: choosing what type of paint you want for your exterior walls is the next step. To do this, you can simply consult with one of our professional house painters! here is a short guide for your convenience:

Wooden exteriors

Acrylic latex paint is an awesome choice for your timber exteriors. This water-based paint has a decent wet adhesion and is a reliable paint type.

Steel exteriors

Oil-based paints are the most durable for these types of surfaces, and a metal paint is most recommended. Metal paints act as superior barriers against harsh exterior conditions, specially a good choice in Canada.

Aluminum exteriors

For your aluminum walls and windows, the best type of paint is usually the Alkyd paint. They are also known as an oil-based paint, but dissimilar to what the name suggests it does not contain any oil.

Vinyl exteriors

Acrylic latex paint is, again, the best type of paint for Vinyl exteriors. Although it is worth noting that they are also used in painting interior walls!

Step 3: go colorful! Or not, it is really just your choice

Are you one to go with latest trends and what is hot in the market? Or do you already know what color you want for the doors, walls, gutter and fences? Perhaps, you just want to redo the paint! It is much easier for you, and your house painter and decorator, to know what color you want to go for this year before calling up the painting service!

According to Fixr, the best colors for exterior painting in 2020 were cool and neutral colors. Jewel tones on the other hand, have kept their fans so far and were also among the trendy exterior paint colors of 2020.

That being said, some colors never go out of style! Here are a couple of our recommendations for you:

Be bold! Go for combinations

Don’t forget to discuss any of your doubts with our professional painters and contractors in Toronto, who are ready to help you out however you need them to!