Top Tips to Choose the Best House Painting Services in Toronto

If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for reputable house painting services in Toronto. Whether Toronto is near you, or you are just considering getting a new painting job done for your country house this summer; you will soon learn all you need to know about painting services!

Hiring a painting contractor may seem like an easy task (if, a task at all). But, this seemingly easy quest has much more depth than one may initially assume. Many house-painting services in Toronto are available for you to contact but before doing so, stick a bit longer and read through this article to make sure what exactly it is you are going to sign up for.

Painting Services in Toronto

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Interior painting services in Toronto

The interior of your house is what you and your family will have to see upon waking up each morning and getting home each evening. Interior painting is more than just design and decoration, and all painting services in Toronto are aware of this.

Interior painting is also more delicate and time-consuming, despite what is generally assumed. This is because there are a lot more damageable things inside the house than there is outside. But you can rest assured because every house painting service in Toronto (and in every other place in the world, for that matter) are aware of the delicacies of using paint inside the house. They will give you a satisfactory result in the end, of course, if you choose them carefully.

It Is Okay to Ask

For an interior painting job to look decent is one thing, and for it to soothe you and match you and your family’s liking is another! Here comes the matter of perspective, and personal opinions versus professional ones.

Your house painter may suggest a darker shade of that blue for the kids’ bedroom. At the same time, your husband may think a brighter shade is better and that yellow pumps up children, isn’t that true?

It is completely okay to ask for your painter’s opinion and also get to see what all your family members think of the color recommended by your painter. House painting services in Toronto are almost always equipped with color specialists and interior designers, who can help you pick out a color best for each room!

Repairs, a Part of House painting Services

When it comes to interior painting, repair tasks don’t require much time and equipment. There are usually small holes in the walls, a rough spot on the ceiling, or other small, insignificant tasks like that. These repairing jobs are, although small, very important regarding how the final coat will look on your walls. Painting services in Toronto will provide necessary actions and tools to make your walls look impeccable so that the paint can sit better on the surface.

Exterior painting services in Toronto

The exterior of your house is the cover of your apartment’s book. Most people seek exterior painting services in Toronto when they want to put their houses on sale, and so they want everything to look as good as possible.

That, as common and popular as it is, should not be the case for everyone! A decent exterior painting job can easily transfer how your place looks from the outside, and attract a lot of customers for you, but it can also protect your exterior walls against harms and damage.

painting services in Toronto

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Nature can damage your wall paint

Nature is not always man’s friend, and especially when it comes to buildings, exterior walls, and sidings, nature can cost you a lot of money if you do not take necessary precautions against its forces. Direct sunlight, raindrops, and snowflakes can slowly but surely damage your walls from within AND outside!

Painting services in Toronto are well aware of this, and will also inform you that a decent primer for your sidings and a solid painting job on your exterior walls can protect your pocket and your house against these harms.

Insects Can Damage Paint

Not as serious, and not as common as the last problem mentioned, but still pretty irking and troublesome for most are the insects. Some insects can greatly harm your walls and sidings especially if they are not protected with primers and paint, and double especially if they are wooden! Take necessary precautions against these small but serious troubles by contacting a credible painting service in Toronto, and save yourself and your family a noticeable amount of time (and cash).

Exterior Wall Paint Repair Services

As mentioned before, there are many factors that can affect how damaged or intact your exterior walls are prior to painting. These may include the forces of nature (sunlight and raindrops) or small insects (like termites).

Consequently, the repairing and retouching of your exterior walls can take a lot more time and tools than what was needed for your interior walls. It is not too late to protect your walls and sidings against all these harms yet, as you can contact a reliable painting services in Toronto, and stay on the safe side starting today!

Exterior Wall Paint Colors and style

Protecting your walls against harm, and renovating your place to get more customers, are all reasons one can consider a painting job for. It is completely normal, although not very healthy, to forget about the possible damages that can come to your wall without a proper paint.

Just remembering that your walls are damaged when you are putting your house on sale is also no better! You may thus be surprised to learn that, many of the people who are now looking for house painting services in Toronto are only doing so to keep their place looking beautiful and in style!

Painting Services in Toronto

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Colors for the exterior wall paint

As we previously talked about, many of the house painting services in Toronto are equipped with designers and color specialists. They help you choose the best color for your walls according to your place’s surroundings and neighborhood, your porch, sidings, or even your front yard!

You and your family can always fill in the gaps with your feedback and thoughts, and so don’t be shy to freely express your opinions on all you deem necessary just because a professional is standing in front of you! By the end of the day, you and your family are going to live in the painted house and not the professional opinion-provider.

Painting Services in Toronto

Here are some ideas for you to get inspired by:
  1. Grey and dark blue can look beautiful next to each other if painted properly.
  2. Green and crimson were among the most popular color combinations last year and might do well for your next choice.
  3. Black and white; classic and chic. Never too old, never out of style
  4. Brown and white, beautiful and eye-catching
  5. Clay plus mossy green has also been very popular this year if you are one to follow the trends! If not, the color combination still looks pretty amazing, and is recommended anyway!

How long do House Painting Services Take?

Many of the people who contact house-painting services in Toronto are curious to know how much time their painting job will exactly take. As you can guess, this also depends heavily on how much work your house needs.

Do your walls need repair? Are the sidings rotten or damaged from the inside? How about the interior, do you want the previous paint removed? Have you created holes in the wall by hammering nails into them? Again, how many walls exactly do you want to be painted?

You should first consider all these and then contact a house painting services in Toronto, for these are the questions they are going to ask YOU. If you are not sure about what you want either, well let’s just say that time will be a matter of concern for you.



Eastern sunlight

Eastern exposure to sunlight means waking up to the full gleam of the sun shining on your face! It means brightness during the mornings and a lot of natural light if your rooms have windows. You can go for any color that you like for rooms facing east. Just remember that the mornings are going to get super bright and try to use this to your advantage.


Western sunlight

Western light can shine through during the afternoons when the sun is setting and the sunlight is filling your walls with orange and red and warm tones that can completely change how your room looks! For better or worse, is up to you and your house painter. Of course, house painting services in Toronto are aware of this, and would probably recommend you to avoid warm colors so that your room won’t look completely red during the last hours of the day.

Southern sunlight

Rooms facing south are going to be exposed to harsh sunlight throughout the day, and this will especially be noticeable during summers, where the day is long and warm. Whatever color or wallpaper you choose for these rooms, remember that they are probably going to look a shade or two lighter than what they actually are. Make your final decision based on this piece of information.


Northern sunlight

Mellow and calming, northern sunlight is consistent and subtle during the day time. This is the most loved natural light by designers and painters, as it keeps the room naturally lit but also gives off a calming sensation. House painting services in Toronto are well aware of this. They will most definitely use this fact to their advantage and coat your north-facing rooms beautifully to match this light.


Cost of House Painting Services in Toronto

How much does it cost to hire an hourly painter? Is it not better to do our painting ourselves? Are house painting services in Toronto affordable? And many more questions I hear every day which are roughly the same as the questions mentioned above.

To answer them, one has to know how much work do we exactly need to finish painting a wall. Are you going to repaint all of your house’s interior walls? Or just the kitchen? How about your exterior walls? If you are going to paint your exterior walls too, do you know how damaged they are? Do you also want your sidings to be taken care of, or not? These are all questions you should ask yourself before inquiring about the cost of the painting job you are going to take.

House painting contractors in Toronto

Your house painting service provider in Toronto or nearby cities has ready-made contracts available for customers. These contracts include all the mandatory and optional services the customer can choose to have and the additional costs they should pay for each. All in all, it is no blind pick and lucky guesses when it comes to getting your house painted. The company you choose to work with will most definitely answer all your questions regarding the cost of the painting job you are about to have in detail.

How long do House Painting Services Take?

Many of the people who contact house-painting services in Toronto are curious to know how much time their painting job will exactly take. As you can guess, this also depends heavily on how much work your house needs.

Do your walls need repair? Are the sidings rotten or damaged from the inside? How about the interior, do you want the previous paint removed? Have you created holes in the wall by hammering nails into them? Again, how many walls exactly do you want to be painted?

You should first consider all these and then contact a house painting services in Toronto, for these are the questions they are going to ask YOU. If you are not sure about what you want either, well let’s just say that time will be a matter of concern for you.

Working with professionals in Painting

In most cases, you can not really choose a set date or time and ask your house painting services in Toronto to finish the painting job by then. That is, for the reasons mentioned above, simply not possible. But sometimes, and in some cases, your contractor will ask you to inform them of your preferred date and time.

Whether they can guarantee to finish the painting (and additional) job by then is up to them. But, if they ask for your schedule then that probably means that they ARE, in fact, capable of finishing the project by the set date and time.

Is Time That Important?

Time is simply a matter of personal preference or importance to some people. Whether a painting service can actually finish painting your exterior walls in 2 days or not does not mean anything. It means punctuality, sure, but it does not guarantee quality and satisfaction. Sometimes it is just better to leave it all to your house painting service in Toronto and let them take as much time as they desire! You can rest assured that the results will be satisfactory.

House Painting Safety: What Should You Expect?

Paint boxes have never caused serious casualties (!) for anyone. Painting an apartment’s walls can rarely go wrong, if ever. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the chances of you falling off the ladder while painting the ceiling is zero.

Hopefully, you do actually plan on doing the proper research so that you can find a suitable house painting service in your neighborhood. That means that you will not have to worry about possible casualties to yourself, your family, and your pets.

That of course, doesn’t mean that you should leave everything to your contractor and stand back and watch while the cap is left off of the paint box and your dog is looking extra curious.

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What should YOU know?

Your house painting service  in Toronto will most definitely bring protective gear and tools to ensure that the project will go as smoothly and non-hazardously as possible. Painters may use different chemicals to remove, or clean the paint in some areas, or sand the paint in some other.

That means that they will come prepared and if you also plan on staying in the house while the painting job is taking place, so should you. First things first, don’t breathe in the chemicals. You can use masks, safety goggles, and rubber gloves to make sure that none of the hazardous chemicals get to you, or your family.


The clean-up After Paint Jobs

Cleaning up the house after the painting job is done is one of the most important and underestimated tasks when it comes to painting. Some house painting services in Toronto offer different services to clean up your place thoroughly after their job is done, which are highly recommended.

It may look like one of the easier stages in the process, but it really is not. Luckily for you, most of the cleaning job is left to the painter since the equipment they have used (like brushes, paint boxes, rollers) are really the ones in need of most cleaning. But that does not mean that you are going to have to do nothing.


What Can You Do to help clean after painting the house

There are always some splashes of paint left on the windows, mirrors, or other glassy things in your house. Removing them are quite easy if done with care and patience. The best way is to wait until the paint is dry so that you can wipe the remaining paint off with a dry cloth.

If that did not do the trick, you can always switch to blunt knives and gently (very gently) remove the dried splashes of paint of your windows and mirrors. After that’s done, masking tapes should be removed, sheets should be shaken, and other small but important things that one should do, but not too small to forget or forgo. No task is ever too small when it comes to painting!


Paint Job Safety at work, or safety for the sake of work?

While painting the walls of their houses, many people do more damage than they do good. Novice painters tend to ruin the surface of the walls, damage the sidings and porch, or spill paint on a piece of furniture or two by accident. painting services in Toronto Thankfully, if you are reading this article, you probably do not plan on painting your walls and ceilings yourself.

If you are among the many people who want to contact credible house painting services in Toronto, then you can rest assured that the painting contract you are about to sign will guarantee no harm to your walls, ceilings, furniture, and exterior space.


House Painting Service: Sheen

Choosing the right paint sheen has always been a problem for people who want to get their house painted, which strikes me as a little odd since the task is quite easy once you do your research, or ask for a professional’s help. The biggest problem for these people is aesthetic. painting services in Toronto

Some just want their walls to look matte and flat no matter what, while some others want glossy sheens all over their house. The most important thing that should be noted here, is that paint sheens don’t just make your walls look pretty. Each sheen is designed to sit on certain surfaces, in certain rooms with a certain amount of traffic!

Types of paint finishes

Your house painting service in Toronto will most definitely guide you through choosing the best paint finish for your walls, but having some additional knowledge never hurts anyone.

Flat: this paint finish is among the most popular for interior painting, and is also among the least durable! Low reflection and best suited for rooms not exposed to touch, dirt, and traffic.

Eggshell: a soft-looking finish, moderately reflective, and well suited for rooms with medium to low traffic. Definitely not a wise choice for the kid’s bedroom. painting services in Toronto

Glossy: highly reflective and shiny, this paint finish can create a 3d effect when used in rooms with flat paint. This paint sheen will look beautiful anywhere, but since it’s highly durable and often washable, it is an amazing choice for rooms that get high traffic like the kitchen, and rooms more exposed to dirt like kids’ bedroom.


Final Note

Choosing the best house painting services in Toronto may not be an easy task, but it will definitely be made easier once you have gathered the necessary knowledge, and know just what exactly you are looking for. The service providers are many, and the costs may differ, but through research and patience, this task can be made much easier. House Painting Services in Toronto.